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Design Monitoring
Piece Together Nature’s Tiny Wonders with Miniature Jigsaw Puzzles from Nervous System
Published at 07/04/2022

The innovative team over at the Catskills-based studio Nervous System (previously) released a new line of miniature jigsaws that match organic shapes with similarly natural subject matter. All spanning less than eight inches, a spotted mushroom,…

GOGO Ride Sharing System for Chicago lets you choose other passengers
Published at 31/03/2022

GOGO Ride Sharing System for Chicago lets you choose other passengers The future of an autonomous world may be possible with inventions, innovations, and ideas like this. The GOGO Ride Sharing is a concept that is[...]

Orfey, le casque qui se connecte à tes émotions - Hauts de France Innovation Développement
Published at 17/02/2022

Athénaïs Oslati est une jeune ingénieure de 25 ans qui a fondé sa startup ONTBO en 2021 avec un produit qui pourrait révolutionner le monde de la santé mentale et du bien-être, Orfey.[...]

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